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About Central Arkansas Tickets

CentralArkansasTickets.com is a local, online ticket portal that, in association with Arkansas Times, provides economical ticket sales and marketing for local festivals, tours, concerts, theater, non-profit events, etc.

The Arkansas Times sponsors a dozen ticketed events annually, from the Arkansas Times Craft Beer Festival to chartered bus trips around the mid-south. After our experience with a national ticketing firm, we realized that we needed a local site to sell the tickets and promote the events using the Arkansas Times print and on-line promotion channels. Now we can offer other organizations and non-profits this same local service.

Our easy, secure and convenient website is designed to take the hassle out of “in-house” ticket sales, whether thru a website, box office or a national ticket sales firm. Our local staff is available for hands-on support and training. In addition to selling tickets thru CentralArkansasTickets.com, we offer built-in marketing support along with a professional team right here in Little Rock to market your event, sell your tickets, direct deposit tickets sales into your account – and make your event succeed.

Any central Arkansas organizations can sell tickets on CentralArkansasTickets.com

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